The Sutra on the Great Dragon Krkala's Defeating the Exterior-Path Practitioners, Spoken by the Buddha

(Taisho Tripitaka 1206)

Thus I have heard: At one time, The Buddha was in the great city Rajagriha.

At that time, Ratnaketu(Precious-Banner) Dharani Bodhisattva asked the Buddha:

"Why does great dragon Krkala swallow a sharp sword and wrap his four legs around the sword?"

The Buddha told Ratnaketu Dharani Bodhisattva:

"At one time in the past, in the Heaven of Most Rarefied Material (Akanistha), in the Knowledge-Victory City of Mahesvara, when Immovable Luminous-King (Acalanatha Vidya-Raja) was debating with some Exterior-path practitioners (heretics), they all showed their wisdoms by manifesting myriads of divine transformations."

"At that time, Immovable Luminous-King (Acalanatha Vidya-Raja) transformed himself into a Wisdom-Fire sword."

"At that time, there were 95 branches of Exterior-path practitioners. Their leader, whose name was Wisdom-Achievement, also transformed himself into a Wisdom-Fire sword."

"Thereupon, the Wisdom-Fire sword transformed from Immovable Luminous-King, transformed again into the great dragon Krkala, who has four supporters: Subdues-The-Three-Times(*) Luminous-King (Trailokya Vijaya-raja), Kundali Luminous-King, Yamantaka Luminous-King, and Vajra-yaksa Luminous-King."

(*The Three Times: Past, present and future)

"On his neck there was a lotus named Wisdom-Fire, containing a word 'Krkala'. He was one hundred thousand yojanas in height, and, from his mouth, a breath like two trillion thunders' simultaneous roaring, was burst forth."

"Having heard that, those Exterior-path practitioners and demon-kings all abandoned their wicked doubts and evil adherence."

The Buddha then spoke the Dharani:

"Namo sidhi sidhi susidhi sidhi kala
laya kuyam Samma masli
acama sidhi svaha"

"The power of this Dharani can eliminate all the unpropitious and tame all demon kings."

"If anyone is disturbing by an evil spirit, write down his name and chant this Dharani towards it 21 times, the evil spirit will suddenly be burnt."

"Abstain from the five pungencies(*), wine and meat(*), keep away from women and other defiled things, and recite this Dharani with single mind, then one will definitely fulfill all his wishes."

(* The five pungencies: shallot, leek, garlic, scallion and hingu)

(* Meat: flesh of any animal, including bird, fish, pig, cow, etc.)

"The power, merits and virtues of this Dharani, can even make trees blossom before the right season, make the four oceans become mountains, or make the Sumeru mountain become an ocean. It can also make the ice burnt like oil, or make the hardest wood concave like water, all according to the cultivator's heart. In such cases, the cultivator is like the Bhagavan."

Then the Buddha spoke these gathas:

"Those who uphold, embrace, and practice it,
are like the Bhagavan.
They will obtain the supreme Samadhi,
of Bodhisattvas' level.
Those who recite and be mindful of the name of the dragon Krkala,
will eliminate demonic obstructions in their present lives,
and be reborn in the peaceful and blissful world in their subsequent lifetimes."

After the Buddha had spoken this Sutra, all demon kings and the 95 great dragon kings were greatly delighted. They received it with faith and began practicing it respectfully.

(Translated from Chinese into English by Ivan Taniputera)
(Revised by Silfong Tsun)
(Last revised: Sep/23/2006)

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