Samantabdhadra Mantra

THE PRAYER OF SAMANTABHADRA was taken from the ninth chapter of the Dzogchen Teachings called the Northern Treasures.The Northern Treasures originate from Guru Padmasambhava, the Indian Guru who established the vajrayana teachings in Tibet in the 9 th Century CE. Having spread the Buddhist teaching in Tibet, Guru Padmasambhava concealed many spiritual treasures for individuals in the future. When the time was right, these spiritual treasures awoke within the minds of the reincarnations of Padmasambhava’s accomplished disciples to directly benefit later generations of students. One of these was Rigdzin Godem (1337-1408). He revealed THE PRAYER OF SAMANTABHADRA. This prayer contains the essence of all Buddhist teaching. It shows the causes and effects of all delusions and explains how to transform our mind.

“…And if you pray loudly so all can hear, then beings of the three realms will be gradually liberated from suffering…”

adaṇḍe daṇḍapati daṇḍa-āvartani daṇḍa-kuśale daṇḍa-sudhāri

sudhārapati buddhapaśyane sarvadhāraṇi

āvartani saṁvartani saṅgha-parīkṣite saṅgha-nirghātani

dharma-parīkṣite sarva-sattva ruta kauśalya-anugate

siṁha-vikrīḍite anuvarte vartani vartāli svāhā