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Hayagriva†is a wrathful manifestation of†Avalokiteshvara. There are believed to be†108†forms of Hayagriva. His special ability is to cure diseases, especially skin diseases even as serious as leprosy, which is said to be caused by the†Nāgas†(water spirits with serpent bodies).

†In his simplest form Hayagriva is depicted with one face, two arms and two legs. Everything about him is wrathful - a scowling face with three glaring eyes, a roaring mouth with protruding fangs, a pose of warriorís aggressiveness, a broad belly bulging with inner energy, a sword raised threateningly in his right hand, his left hand raised in a threatening gesture and snake ornaments. This terrifying aspect expresses compassionís fierce determination to help us overcome inner egotism and outer obstructions.